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My Ventures

Building new ventures or startups is something I love. Over the past years I had the privilege of being able to build some great companies. I learned a lot in every occasion. As always with entrepreneurship some things were successful and other things provided an opportunity to learn. In some of these companies I am involved as (co)founder. But in some cases I am only there to help as investor or startup mentor. On this page you find the list of companies that I have (helped) built.

lg-atrivision Atrivision is providing technology based learning & talent management solutions. The company provides software-as-a-service, develops e-learning content and offers managed learning services to a wide range of customers. Winner of the Dutch Financial Times High Growth Award in 2013 and 2014.


StarterSquad is a community of distributed software teams that is focused on launching Startups and Lean Innovations. We have software & business developers that help develop Internet Startups and innovations with web & mobile components. StarterSquad Lab is the first Dutch Startup Studio.

Squads is the platform where you can find & work with on-demand software teams. It helps clients to connect to software teams based upon a project briefing. Through the platform they manage the agile development of digital products.

SwipeGuideSwipeGuide is a cloud solution that brings visual step-by-step instructions to mobile devices. SwipeGuide is used instructing customers and employees in performing complex and/or risky tasks.

Besides my work as an entrepreneur, advisor and/or investor for these companies I also do some other work. This might involve some coaching, lecturing and/or consulting. The companies and institutions that I work(ed) for are the following.

TSMTSM Business School is the leading MSc MBA business school in the Netherlands. I am lecturing Innovation & Entrepreneurship as part of the first phase MBA since 2008. My students follow a one-year program that simulates the startup of a New Venture. We do all the good stuff like business model innovation, lean startup and customer development. The module ends with the groups pitching their Startup to a group of entrepreneurs and investors in Dragon’s Den style.

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